• iPhone Color Service Red

    What our service will replace in color

    • Front glass digitizer with LCD
    • Back cover with original camera lens and flash diffuser
    • Homebutton

    Our service is dedicated to provide you with a quality product and a fast 24-hour turn-around. When you mail your device in, our technicians will perform a complete tear-down of your iPhone 4/4S in order to install the new colored glass. This product is perfect if you broke your iPhone, instead of simply fixing it, you will actually now have a new color to show-off to your friends and colleagues. If you are a color fanatic just like us and your iPhone is not broken, send it in so we can customize it and ship it back to you along with your stock parts. Please make sure to choose the appropriate model type based on your iPhone model and carrier (Visit the FAQ to identify your iPhone model).

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